Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Print SMS MMS Messages from iPhone on Computer

Want to print out your iPhone SMS MMS Messages for a court or something? Backuptrans iPhone SMS + MMS Extractor must be the best tool which lets you do it with ease. Just connect your iPhone to computer via USB and then simply click "Print" button. All your iPhone Messages (SMS & MMS) will be printed out in conversations like what they look on your iPhone. You can even choose to print all messages from iPhone or print messages with a single contact. The following tutorial will show you how to print iPhone SMS MMS on computer step by step:

Step 1: Run Backuptrans iPhone SMS + MMS Extractor on computer and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable. Then our software will automatically read SMS and MMS messages from iPhone and show them on its main interface.

Step 2: Click the iPhone in Devices list. Turn to top toolbar and press "Print SMS + MMS" button or go File ->Print SMS + MMS.

Tip: If you want to print messages with a single contact. Please click your wanted contact name under the iPhone. Turn to top toolbar and press "Print SMS + MMS" button or go File ->Print SMS + MMS.

Step 3: Choose a printing style.

Step 4: Prewiew the messages before printing.


Free download Backuptrans iPhone SMS + MMS Extractor onto your computer to try.

If you are using Mac, please use Backuptrans iPhone SMS + MMS Extractor for Mac instead.

Best luck!

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